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Welcome to this extraordinary Bauhaus furniture online shop. Here you find an exquisite selection of modern classic furniture. Our modernist pieces represent the most important designers of this century. Carefully crafted in Italy, each item employs the finest materials and craftsmanship.

Our furniture is build after the original design with the exact measurements given by the designer himself. We concentrate on the famous furniture pieces by Mies van der Rohe (Barcelona, barcelona daybed, Barcelona ottoman, Barcelona table, Brno chair), Le Corbusier (LC1, LC2, LC4, LC6, LC7, LC8), Marcel Breuer (Wassily chair, Laccio table) and Eileen Gray (Adjustable Table, Bibendum)

Barcelona Chair

Barcelona Chair
in black leather
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The German Bauhaus Design Movement had an important impact on the development of Modern Design and Architecture in the twentieth century. It was truly avant-garde in it's techniques and ideas. Especially when the furniture is representing these important modernistic ideas.

Marcel Breuer

For Marcel Breuer metal became the material with which he changed the image of furniture. For Breuer tubular steel with leather or fabric was as comfortable as good upholstered furniture, but lighter, cheaper, less bulky and more hygienic. Marcel Breuer's idea behind this new aesthetics was to build cheap and beautiful homes, were the cool and durable materials of the furniture would create a new type of beauty.

Le Corbusier

The furniture of Le Corbusier represent the concepts of the Bauhaus in its purest form. The formal transformation of chairs and sofas by the use of a framework of metal or steel is a clear characteristic. His famous easy chairs (LC2, LC3, Grande Comfort), the sofas (LC2 Twoseater, LC2 Two seater, LC3 two seater, LC3 Three Seater) and the ultimate "Rest Machine", the LC4 Lounge Chair, are revolutionary even today.

L.M. van der Rohe

The Barcelona chair is a cult object, designed for the German pavilion at the International Exhibition in Barcelona 1929. Mies van der Rohe created a bright and spacious elegant pavilion and placed two chairs, which should serve as thrones for the king and queen. The frames that Mies v. d. Rohe designed were of chromium plated flat steel, the cushions covered with white kid leather. The so called Barcelona chairs were heavy, and they were meant to be. The praise of the design world was outstanding. Rohe was seen as the "pioneer of modern architecture". Today one finds the Barcelona chair and the ottoman in many executive lounge offices.

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